Back to school

Are you stressed out about going back to school? Stop in to Element5 Spa for the perfect back-to-school hair cut or a nice relaxation massage. We have four fully registered massaged therapists on staff to help you de-stress before going back to school and we even offer a discount to all of you teachers out there!



Don’t forget about the woes of elementary school if you’re sending your little one back to school. Lice is always an issue this time of year so it’s best to prepare yourself with some Tea Tree oil as well as the ”Ladibugs” hair care lice elimination kit. Ladibugs is completely free of pesticides and toxins so it is a safe way to treat lice problems.



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Extend your summer glow

logoAs summer comes to an end it can be hard to say goodbye to that glowing tan that took months to achieve. No need to worry, we are going to share our secrets to keeping your summer kissed look all year long!


1) Exfoliate: Exfoliating your skin regularly helps to make sure that your skin stays in great condition by ridding your body of dead and dry skin. Lucky for you, our Caribbean Therapy Body Scrub is on sale for 25% off, while quantities last! Made with Caribbean cane sugar and a blended aroma of vetiver, bay and lime you won’t find a better scrub for your skin.



2) Moisturize: After exfoliating, it is very important that you do not forget to moisturize. A great tan can only be kept up with properly moisturized skin. We have plenty of options to suit all different skin types and aroma preferences, so stop in to Element5 Spa to try them our with one of our experienced Guest Service Members.


3) Upkeep: We have done extensive research (and at home trials) to make sure that we are able to offer you the best of the best in terms of self tanners. Whether you prefer a spray-on or cream based self tan, we have options for both and you can trust us when we say that they give a natural and perfectly bronzed glow to your skin!



Follow these simple guide lines and you are sure to have people asking you all year if you have just returned from a vacation! Who can say no to that?



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Aveda’s Summer Essentials

Of course you know how important it is to protect your skin and hair from the elements during the summer months, but sometimes you just don’t know the best way to do so. To make your life easier, we  have made a detailed list of our summer essentials and why they are so important.

Lavender Singular Note

Did you know that the natural aroma of lavender acts as a bug repellant?  Dab your ankles, wrists, neck, etc with a few drops of this essential oil to keep the bugs away or mix a few drops in with your body lotion to provide all over protection. If you are reading this too late and have already been bitten, dab a drop of Aveda’s Lavender Singular Note onto your bites to provide relief of itch and fast healing.

What a great way to keep the bugs away without resorting to harmful chemicals! In its convenient 30ml sized bottle, this product is a must have for all summer adventures.



Intensive Hydrating Masque

Aveda’s Intensive Hydrating Masque hydrates skin with a blend of aloe, kelp and lavender. This oil-free masque is made from plant-derived humectants and soothes dry, over-exposed skin. This product is typically used as a facial masque but what you may not know about it is that it can be used all over your body!

Apply Intensive Hydrating Masque to sunburns to help them heal quickly and recover from the damage caused by the sun’s harmful rays. The rosewater in this product helps to calm red, irritated skin and the intensive moisturizing properties are so hydrating that it’s the equivalent of eight glasses of water for your skin.

 Intensive Hydrating Masque

Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight

This brand new product from Aveda is designed to progressively loosen curls to provide a naturally straight style. After five consecutive uses of Aveda’s Naturally Straight, your hair will stay straight for up to three washes on its own because of the plant-derived fibers that create a locking layer that holds your hair straight.

Do you have to fight with your hair to avoid frizz in the hot, humid weather? Naturally Straight uses organic cassava root to form a barrier against intense humidity and allow you to keep your hair looking great no matter what you’re doing this summer!



Sun Care Products

Protective Hair Veil

Did you know that the sun’s UV rays can severely damage your hair’s integrity and fade its color? Aveda’s Protective Hair Veil uses wintergreen and cinnamon bark oils to provide a natural filter against UVA and UVB rays as well as green tea extract, organic sunflower seed oil and vitamin E to protect against free radicals that can cause hair to become dry and damaged.

Simply spray Aveda’s Protective Hair Veil onto your hair after styling to provide 16 hours of water-resistant sun and free radical protection for your hair. As an added bonus, this product can be used to detangle knotted hair because of the highly conditioning organic shea butter, coconut and palm oils used as ingredients!


After-Sun Hair Masque

This creamy masque helps to restore your hair after exposure to the sun’s UV rays and free radicals. Like the Protective Hair Veil, this product uses green tea extract, organic sunflower seed oil and vitamin E to protect your hair. The tamanu oil, organic shea butter and coconut and palm oils work together to restore moisture and moriku protein is used to strengthen weakened hair.


Hair and Body Cleanser

This cleanser is specially formulated to remove built up chlorine, salt and product that can weigh your hair down and cause dryness. There are minerals found in chlorinated pools that cause discoloration of the hair so Aveda’s Hair and Body Cleanser uses corn-derived chelator to remove these minerals from your hair. As an added bonus, the Hair and Body Cleanser contains tamanu oil and organic coconut oil to maintain moisture balance.


Remember to keep yourself protected against bugs, UV rays, humidity and free radicals this summer and if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask our educated professionals either in store or by telephone at (506)642-7725.


Thank you,

Element5 Spa

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Learn about our SharpLight laser treatments with Lisa

Did you know that we are now offering IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments?
It’s not just for perament hair reduction but also for textural, vascular and/or pigmentation concerns of the skin.  Non-invasive treatments that require no down time, but deliver great results are now available at Element5 Spa Call us to book your free consultation to see if you’re a candidate!
Did you know that we can help improve your skin’s texture?
Enlarged pores, acne scarring and fine lines & wrinkles can be improved with a series of treatments that will accelerate your skin’s cell turn over and reveal a smoother, healthier complexion.  Call us to find out how!
Did you know that we can help improve your skin tone?
The natural aging process causes a loss of tone to the skin.  IPL Skin Rejuvenation can help give your skin a boost through the stimulation of your existing collagen. Call us to find out more about these treatments!
Did you know that our IPL treatments can help correct vascular concerns of the face and chest?
Fair skin tines tend to develop redness throughout the years.  If you suffer from rosacea, couperose, collapsed capillaries or small spider veins and you would like to see improvement in their appearance call us and book a free consultation to see if you are a candidate to receive the treatments!
Did you know that some of the benefits of IPL treatments include:
- overall improvement of skin’s texture
- improved collagen production (Neocollagenesis)
- improved overall skin tone (even pigment) – permament hair reduction All without any down time, which means that you can even get your treatments done on your lunch break without anyone ever knowing! Call now to see which of our SharpLight treatments best suit your needs!
For further questions regarding our SharpLight Laser treatments,
call us at (506)642-7725
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Stress-fix: Organic and loving it

The holiday season can leave even the most relaxed person feeling drained and stressed out. Let us help you start 2014 off fresh with a stress-free mind.

Made with a blend of organic French lavender, lavandin and clary sage, our Stress-fix product line is clinically proven to reduce feelings of stress by up to 33%.

Aveda is proud to have our Stress-fix body care products as a part of Ecocert, a certification agency that develops natural and organic cosmetic standards all around the globe.  The aromas used to create the Stress-fix experience have been grown on small organic farms and can be traced fully from Soil to Bottle.

If you’ve been experiencing stress or are just looking to have a relaxing afternoon, book one of our Stress-fix treatments. We offer a luxurious Stress-fix massage as well as a Stress-fix manicure and pedicure. Can’t decide between these lovely services? We’ve got you covered with the Stress-fix Spa Package! Try all three services at a discounted price.


Call us at (506)642-7725 to schedule an appointment.

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Thank you for another successful Earth Month!

We just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped us to raise money for Aveda’s Earth Month 2013.

Through all of our fundraising efforts – our dinner theatre at the Phoenix with our Silent auction (with so many donations from wonderful local businesses), various impromptu bake sales, our continuous book sale at the Spa, our Annual Princess Day help in the Market Square Atrium, as well as sales from Aveda’s limited edition 2013 Earth Month candle – we were able to raise nearly $9,000 for  Aveda Earth Month 2013 and The Nature Trust of NB!

Thank you so much for all of your support and helping us raise these funds for such great causes!

One of our many Princesses who attended Princess Day 2013. Pictured with Prince Charming, Tinkerbell, Jasmine and Aladdin.

One of our many Princesses who attended Princess Day 2013. Pictured with Prince Charming, Tinkerbell, Jasmine and Aladdin.


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If you were on any of our various social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) this past week you probably noticed a few “#SaintJohnCut4″ posts. For those who hadn’t see it before it was most likely a “what the… ” kind of moment. Let us give you a brief history -

SaintJohnCut started out a few years ago as the brain child of Saint John blogger barbbarbbarb as a way to connect creative people in Saint John and showcase local talent in a big way.

This year all particpants met at Big Tide Brewing Co. to be divided into teams consisting of a photographer, model(s), hair stylist, make up artist, retail store (clothing and/or shoes) and some groups got an extra person as a “helper”. We then had 7 days to collaborate on three photos – each one representing the word Real, Drive or Grit.

This was our first year taking part and we had the opportunity to work with two groups on hair and a third on hair and makeup (go big or go home, right?). Below are a few of the images from our teams and we encourage you to check out their respective blogs, websites and Facebook pages to see more. We wish we could include all the images these amazingly talented photographers captured!

This photo is from Team #3 which we did the hair for.

Photographer – Mike Capson. Models – MaryanneDelaney, Jon Quinn. Wardrobe – Exchange on Germain. Makeup – Perfumes Plus.

Mike Capson Photography

Team #3 – Mike Capson Photography

This photo was from Team #7 which we were on location for part of the shoot on the roof of the building which houses Urban Shoe Myth and Silver Daisy. We did both hair and makeup for this shoot. Recognize any hands?

Photographer – Pickettfence Photography. Model – Amy Doucet. Wardrobe – Silver Daisy. Shoes – Urban Shoe Myth.

Team #7 - Pickettfence Photography

Team #7 – Pickettfence Photography

We did hair for Team #1 which was photographed by Mark Hemmings. Model – Courtney Silas. Wardrobe – Monique Theriault. Makeup – Made You Blush. Shoes – Manchester Shoe Salon. Helper – Morgan Lanigan.

Team #1 - Mark Hemmings

Team #1 – Mark Hemmings

 Make sure to check out our Facebook page as we have tons more photos from these collabrations!

We had such a great time working with everyone – we can’t wait until #SaintJohnCut5!


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Join us for a Magic Carpet Ride…

Join us April 6th at the Phoenix Dinner Theatre for what is sure to be a fun evening!

 We are hosting a three act musical comedy and a three course dinner in support of Aveda Earth Month 2013. The dinner theatre will be performing the show “Magic Carpet Ride: A Magical Mystery Tour” as well we will be hosting a Silent Suction with many generous donations from business and individuals from all over NB (keep an eye on our Facebook page as we’ll be adding an album soon of all of our received donations). We will also be playing Heads vs. Tails at the tables which is always a great time!

Tickets for this event are just $55 (tax and tip included). Makes a great night out for you and your friends and it’s giving back to Aveda Earth Month 2013 and the Nature Trust of NB!

Tickets available at Element5 or call us at 506.642.7725 is you have any questions!

BONUS! If you purchase your ticket(s) this weekend you’ll receive a gift card for a FREE SPA SERVICE!!!

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Love is in the air…

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you know what that means – chocolates and flowers for with ladies with fellas and “singles awareness day” for those who are not currently partnered up.

Why not break away from the predictable and celebrate with us?

We have created a new Stess-Fix Pedicure service which will melt your stress away. The lavender, lavendin and clary sage aroma found in our Stress-Fix products have been proven to reduce feelings of stress up to 33%.

Our Stress-Fix pedicure is 90minutes and $75plus tax, but for Valentine’s Day we are offering this Pedicure with a take home roller ball for only $85 plus tax (that’s our $32 roller ball for only $10)!*

If massage is your favourite then you are in luck because we are also offering our Stress-Fix massage and 6oz take home Soaking Salts for $110 plus tax. *

Let us pamper you this February 14th, and treat yourself or a loved one to flowers with a twist!

And gentleman don’t forget – your ladies love visiting us at Element5 Spa. Stop in and we can help you chose the perfect surprise (giftcards ALWAYS fit)!

*while quantities last

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For all you curly girls

If there is one thing we hear over and over in our hair salon it is something along the theme of “my curls never look quite right”. Enter our amazing hair team who are now armed with two new weapons to help you win the fight against frizz (and have you loving your natural texture)!

Every curly girl knows and can’t live without the Aveda Be Curly hair care line (Be Curly Shampoo, Be Curly Conditioner, Be Curly Curl Enchancer and Be Curly Style Prep). Aveda recently introduced us to the two newest members of this family, the Be Curly Curl Control and Be Curly Curl Enhancing Hair Spray (watch the YouTube link here). When the products arrived at Element5 they came with handy step-by-step guides to creating 2 different looks, one a loose curl and the other a tightened curl using almost the same products. What?! We couldn’t wait to try them out so we used two of our very own Element5 girls.

We tried both looks on the girls. Their hair texture is very different – one naturally has a tight curl, the other has naturally wavy hair. The same products and same methods were used on each of the girls. Since hair is diffent the styles came out differently even though the exact same steps were done.

Vanessa's hair is naturally very curly. The top photos shows the loosened curl, the bottom photo shows off her enhanced curls.


Kat's hair is not curly but has a wavy texture (evident in the top photo of the loose curl look, which came out beachy on her hair). The bottom photos shows the enhanced curl.

What do you think? We have step-by-step guides that you can use to try the look at home, or stop in to have the stylists try these looks on you (our stylists can not get enough of these products, they are LOVING them)!


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