For all you curly girls

If there is one thing we hear over and over in our hair salon it is something along the theme of “my curls never look quite right”. Enter our amazing hair team who are now armed with two new weapons to help you win the fight against frizz (and have you loving your natural texture)!

Every curly girl knows and can’t live without the Aveda Be Curly hair care line (Be Curly Shampoo, Be Curly Conditioner, Be Curly Curl Enchancer and Be Curly Style Prep). Aveda recently introduced us to the two newest members of this family, the Be Curly Curl Control and Be Curly Curl Enhancing Hair Spray (watch the YouTube link here). When the products arrived at Element5 they came with handy step-by-step guides to creating 2 different looks, one a loose curl and the other a tightened curl using almost the same products. What?! We couldn’t wait to try them out so we used two of our very own Element5 girls.

We tried both looks on the girls. Their hair texture is very different – one naturally has a tight curl, the other has naturally wavy hair. The same products and same methods were used on each of the girls. Since hair is diffent the styles came out differently even though the exact same steps were done.

Vanessa's hair is naturally very curly. The top photos shows the loosened curl, the bottom photo shows off her enhanced curls.


Kat's hair is not curly but has a wavy texture (evident in the top photo of the loose curl look, which came out beachy on her hair). The bottom photos shows the enhanced curl.

What do you think? We have step-by-step guides that you can use to try the look at home, or stop in to have the stylists try these looks on you (our stylists can not get enough of these products, they are LOVING them)!


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