Learn about our SharpLight laser treatments with Lisa

Did you know that we are now offering IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments?
It’s not just for perament hair reduction but also for textural, vascular and/or pigmentation concerns of the skin.  Non-invasive treatments that require no down time, but deliver great results are now available at Element5 Spa Call us to book your free consultation to see if you’re a candidate!
Did you know that we can help improve your skin’s texture?
Enlarged pores, acne scarring and fine lines & wrinkles can be improved with a series of treatments that will accelerate your skin’s cell turn over and reveal a smoother, healthier complexion.  Call us to find out how!
Did you know that we can help improve your skin tone?
The natural aging process causes a loss of tone to the skin.  IPL Skin Rejuvenation can help give your skin a boost through the stimulation of your existing collagen. Call us to find out more about these treatments!
Did you know that our IPL treatments can help correct vascular concerns of the face and chest?
Fair skin tines tend to develop redness throughout the years.  If you suffer from rosacea, couperose, collapsed capillaries or small spider veins and you would like to see improvement in their appearance call us and book a free consultation to see if you are a candidate to receive the treatments!
Did you know that some of the benefits of IPL treatments include:
- overall improvement of skin’s texture
- improved collagen production (Neocollagenesis)
- improved overall skin tone (even pigment) – permament hair reduction All without any down time, which means that you can even get your treatments done on your lunch break without anyone ever knowing! Call now to see which of our SharpLight treatments best suit your needs!
For further questions regarding our SharpLight Laser treatments,
call us at (506)642-7725
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