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Why Element5 Spa & Salon?

All 5 senses will be engaged at Element5 for a deeper guest experience. From the Element5 welcome and comforting Aveda tea to our free personalized sensory rituals and signature treatments.

Ayurveda describes 5 basic Elements (infinity, air, fire, water and earth) that make up the universe. When these are out of balance, the results are evident throughout our skin and body. Through individual consultation, we will determine your "nature" (which element most influences you) and prescribe a service and product regime to help restore your skin, your well-being and all your 5 Elements!

Due to safety considerations and limited space, children are not permitted in the spa or salon without a scheduled appointment.

Spa Services

Lashes & Brows

starting at:
Lash application$165
Lash fill within 4 weeks$70
Brow tint$25
Lash tint$37
Lash lift$80
Lash lift & tint$95

Laser Hair Reduction

Free Consultations

By using SharpLightTM systems, we offer the ultimate solution for hair reduction and skin rejuvenation treatments. Non-invasive and clean, SharpLight allows for permanent reduction of hair and is suitable for any area of the body.

Upper Lip Single Session$50
Upper Lip 6 Session Package$270
Chin Single Session$70
Chin 6 Session Package$378
Upper Lip & Chin Single Session $100
Upper Lip & Chin 6 Session Package$540
Sideburns Single Session $70
Sideburns 6 Session Package$378
Face & Neck Single Session$150
Face & Neck 6 Session Package$810
Half Arms Single Session$140
Half Arms 6 Session Package$756
Full Arms Single Session$175
Full Arms 6 Session Package$945
Underarms Single Session$100
Underarms 6 Session Package$540
Hands & Fingers Single Session$75
Hands & Fingers 6 Session Package $405
Chest Single Session$225
Chest 6 Session Package$1215
Half Back Single Session$150
Half Back 6 Session Package$810
Full Back Single Session$280
Full Back 6 Session Package$1512
Shoulders Single Session$150
Shoulders 6 Session Package$810
Abdomen Single Session$120
Abdomen 6 Session Package$648
Half Legs (Upper) Single Session$220
Half Legs (Upper) 6 Session Package$1188
Half Legs (Lower) Single Session $200
Half Legs (Lower) 6 Session Package$1080
Full Leg Single Session$400
Full Leg 6 Session Package$2160
Linea (belly button line) Single Session $75
Linea (belly button line) 6 Session Package$405
Bikini Line Single Session$120
Bikini Line 6 Session Package$648
Brazilian Single Session$150
Brazilian 6 Session Package$810
Buttocks Single Session$175
Buttocks 6 Session Package$945

Body Contouring

Free Consultations

Using SharpLight technology we offer highly effective, efficient and non-invasive body contouring services. Radio Frequency and Infrared Light work together to target and heat the fat cells collected beneath the skin causing them to break down, be absorbed by the lymphatic system and be naturally disposed of while renewing collagen cells and tightening the skin.

Cheeks 8 Session Package $900
Cheeks 12 Session Package$1275
Neck & Jawline 8 Session Package$1400
Neck & Jawline 12 Session Package$1785
Half Upper Arm (triceps) 8 Session Package $1080
Half Upper Arm (triceps) 12 Session Package $1530
Half Back (upper or lower) 8 Session Package$720
Half Back (upper or lower) 12 Session Package$1020
Full Back 8 Session Package$1440
Full Back 12 Session Package$2040
Abdomen 8 Session Package$1260
Abdomen 12 Session Package$1785
Obliques 8 Session Package$720
Obliques 12 Session Package$1020
Buttocks 8 Session Package$1800
Buttocks 12 Session Package$2550
Lower Legs (calves) 8 Session Package$1080
Lower Legs (calves) 12 Session Package$1530
Upper Legs (front) 8 Session Package$1800
Upper Legs (front) 12 Session Package$2550
Upper Legs (back) 8 Session Package$1800
Upper Legs (back) 12 Session Package$2550
Upper Legs (outer thighs) 8 Session Package$1800
Upper Legs (outer thighs) 12 Session Package$2550
Upper Legs (inner thighs) 8 Session Package$1800
Upper Legs (outer thighs) 12 Session Package$2550

Skin Rejuvenation

Free Consultations

Our SharpLightTM system gives a younger, glowing look to your skin. It simultaneously treats the three main elements of sun-damaged, environmentally-polluted and aging skin by coagulating blood vessels, eliminating pigmented spots and improving skin texture. Skin rejuvenation treatments are suitable for the face, neck, chest and hands; treating sun spots, small dilated blood vessels and skin textural changes such as small lines and enlarged pores. This treatment can be offered with no signs of irritation after. It is recommended that clients do a series of six treatments one month apart.

Full Face Single Session $200
Full Face 3 Session package$540
Full Face 6 Session package$1020
Décolleté & Neck Single Session$125
Décolleté & Neck 3 Session Package$338
Décolleté & Neck 6 Session Package$638
Shoulders Single Session$100
Shoulders 3 Session Package$270
Shoulder 6 Session Package$510
Hands Single Session$100
Hands 3 Session Package$270
Hands 6 Session Package $510
Face, Neck & Décolleté Single Session $300
Face, Neck & Décolleté 3 Session package$810
Face, Neck & Décolleté 6 Session package$1530
Spot Treatment Single Session $50
Spot Treatment 3 Session Package$135
Spot Treatment 6 Session Package$255
Broken Capillaries (per treatment visit)$50

Customized Aveda Facial Treatments

Dry, oily aging, uneven, sensitive and acneic skin conditions can all be addressed with a customized Aveda facial treatment. After a thorough consultation, your skin therapist will provide the best combination of products, personalized Aveda aromas and techniques to design a customized treatment that will help balance and reveal your skin's natural beauty.

60 minutes$110
90 minutes$140
Dermaplaning 60 minute service$85
Dermaplaning Add-On to a Facial service$50

Massage Therapy

We offer direct billing through Blue Cross and Telus or issue insurance receipts for our Deep Tissue, Therapeutic and Fascia Facial massage therapy services.

60 minutes$99
90 minutes$139

Fascia 45 min Facial Massage

The focus of this treatment is to use a mix of GuaSha and myofascial release techniques to lift and smooth the skin, while providing a relaxing facial massage. The benefits include: relieve tension, increases blood circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage.


Thai Massage 90 min

Performed on a mat while on the floor, Thai Massage is done fully clothed (preferably loose/comfortable clothing). We use a combination of compressions, stretching, movement and joint manipulation to work the underlying soft tissue. It is an ancient eastern healing technique with roots in Thailand, as well as Ayurvedic influences. Not only does it have benefits such as: Relieving Stress, Reducing muscle tension or stiffness, Helps increase joint mobility, Increase flexibility, Facilitates a better mind-body connection, Can be used to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions ie: headaches, Promotes deeper and easier breathing, Anxiety relief, And more.... It's also about connecting and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Trusting that it’s safe to let go of whatever is blocking you at this time.


Hands & Feet

Aveda manicures and pedicures are treatments that care for the hands and feet, specifically addressing dry, aging skin, rough cuticles and nail health.

Element5 Manicure 45 min$55
Aveda Custom Luxury Manicure 60 min$65
Element5 Pedicure 60 min$73
Aveda Custom Luxury Pedicure 90 min$95
Add Evo gel polish goes on like a polish, but is a true gel 15 min$15
Evo Removal 15 min$15
Gel Nails with Extensions full set 90 min$90
No Polish Manicure 30 min$40
No Polish Pedicure 45 min$55
Elim Medi-Heel Treatment chemical peel for your feet 45 min$65
Add-On Elim Medi-Heel Treatment to any pedicure$30

Spa Refreshments

We provide a bar menu with a variety of domestic and craft beer, wine, champagne and mimosas.

Salon Services

Hair Salon

starting at:
Wash, blowout & style$40
Wash, blowout & style (with any other service)$35
Special occasion updo/Formal Styling$55
Medium/Long Unisex cut & style (1 hr)$55
All Over colour & cut$160
Half head of highlights/lowlights & cut$165
Full head of highlights/lowlights & cut$190
Short Unisex cut & style (45 min)$38
Children's cut 12 and under$27

Customized hair & makeup packages are available for special occasions.


The Ultimate E5 Experience

A new, revitalized you! Today, it is all about you. Please allow us to pamper you... all. day. long. It will truly be our pleasure! Enjoy a 60-minute Relaxation Massage, a 60-minute custom Aveda Facial, a Spa Picnic (an individual cheese & cracker platter with a glass of wine), an Element5 Aveda Manicure & Pedicure (Evo/Gel polish add-on available for an additional $15/nail service - it also adds an additional 15 minutes per nail service *** please specify polish preference at time of booking), and finish with a Hair Wash & Style! Seriously... A brand-new, revitalized you!

Allow 5.5 hours$320

The E5 Sampler

Want to enjoy many Element5 services, but don't have a whole day? Our E5 Sampler is the perfect package for you! Enjoy a 30-minute Focus Facial, a 30-minute Relaxation Massage, an Element5 Aveda Manicure & Pedicure (Evo/Gel polish add-on available for an additional $15/nail service - it also adds an additional 15 minutes to each nail service *** please specify polish preference at time of booking) and a Hair Wash & Style. We will also include a complimentary glass of wine to enjoy during your package!

Allow 3.5 hours$230

Perfect Pedicures for Two!

Grab your BFF, partner, mother, father or anyone special to you and join us at Element5 Spa for a relaxing pedicure service for the two of you at the same time! Package includes two Element5 Evo/Gel Pedicures (no wet nails when you leave!) and a cup of Aveda Comforting tea or a glass of wine each! If you'd like to have an additional guest join your party, they can enjoy the packge price of $85/guest with the same Evo/Gel pedicure service and a glass of wine too! The more the merrier!

Allow 1.5 hours$170

A Little Me Time

Take a little time for yourself! You deserve to be pampered… by us! Enjoy an Element5 Aveda Manicure & Pedicure with a cup of Aveda Comforting tea or a glass of wine. *** You can add on our Evo/Gel long wearing polish to either service for $15 each (Evo add-on also adds an additional 15 minutes per service). Please mention polish preference at time of booking.

Allow 2 hours$125

Man oh Man

Hey man... you deserve some pampering too! Relax during your No Polish Manicure & Pedicure, 60-minute Relaxation Massage.

Allow 2.5 hours$145


Indulge in our Luxury, extended service time Manicure & Pedicure treatments! You will choose your Aveda Aroma to feel relaxed or energized for your Customized 60 minute Manicure and 90 minute Pedicure.

Allow 2.5 hours$135

Sweet Mama

Mamas-to-be really, really deserve some pampering! Take some time for yourself... now. 60-minute Pre-Natal Massage and a 60-minute Element5 Pedicure.

Allow 2.25 hours$150

Element5 Team

Tracey MacDonald (she/her) - Owner/Spa Director

Tracey has always had a passion for the Health, Wellness and Beauty industry; but, her greatest career joy has been working with this incredible team of Element5 Rockstars! Her dream was always to create a wellness/spa environment with a team of professionals that has the same passion for excellence.

She grew up with entrepreneur parents and always knew she would pursue a career in Business. She earned her B.A. in Psychology from Dalhousie University and then pursued her Masters in Business Administration from York University in Toronto where she was the Social Director for her class.

Since 1996, she has owned various businesses from a franchise restaurant to a bar; but, the wonderful opportunity to acquire Element5 Spa & Salon in Saint John arrived in 2017 and the rest is history! Tracey is thrilled to announce that in October 2019, her Element5 Spa & Salon brand expanded to her hometown of Moncton, NB; her second location is located in the Mount Pleasant Plaza at 1579 Mountain Road.

Tracey believes in giving back to the community and is fortunate to combine that belief with her love of fitness as a volunteer Group Fitness Instructor for the YMCA. As well, she works with a number of local charities in Saint John & Moncton to promote Health & Wellness in the community.

As a busy wife and mother, she manages to “keep the plates spinning”, balancing family, work, friends and volunteering, and, loves every minute of it!

It is Tracey’s belief that every person deserves and requires pampering and self-care and wants the talented Element5 team to provide it; whether that comes in the form of an E5 custom pedicure, a hair colour and cut, a brow waxing or a therapeutic massage. It can come in the form of a Spa Day Package once a year or a regular weekly booking.

It is her ultimate goal to make everyone feel welcomed and relaxed when they visit Element5 in Saint John or Moncton and she works continuously with her dedicated team of professional service providers and guest service experts to achieve that goal.

It is an honour to introduce the rest of the Element5 team:

Kathryn English (she/her) - Aveda Ambassador/Events and Promotions & Social Media Coordinator

A familiar face at Element5 Spa & Salon, Kathryn began working in the spa industry in 2004 and started working with us when we opened in 2010. Currently our Promotions/Social Media Coordinator and Aveda Ambassador, she also coordinates our community events and our fundraising projects! Most days, you can find Kathryn travelling through the spa, working with our team to ensure all our guests’ expectations are met and exceeded.

Sarah Brooks (she/her) - Co-Operations Manager/Staff Relations

Sarah has been a part of our Guest Service team at Element 5 since May 2016 and is now part of our Management Team. She brings with her a diverse retail background, ranging from photo lab, pharmacy technician, and more. When she isn't at the spa, she enjoys spending her time with her daughter.

Laura Theriault (she/her) - Chief Operating Officer

Laura has been involved in the health and beauty industry since 2007, where she was also introduced to Aveda. She loves everything that Aveda stands for, as well as their amazing products!

Laura has a background in the industry, as a (previous) licensed hair stylist and worked in the industry for a few years, before moving into management and operation roles. That's where her true passion lies. She is determined to ensure that every guest receives a high-end experience, from their first point of contact until they leave the building.

She enjoys working with and leading an incredible team and is always looking for new opportunities to grow and expand upon the team, as well as what Element5 Spa can provide. Laura works between the two locations (Saint John and Moncton), ensuring that everything is running smoothly and is our point of contact for our management team.

When Laura isn't at Element5, she enjoys spending time with her husband, children and dog and can often be found on outdoor adventures!

Krista MacMillan (she/her) - Co-Operations Manager/Staff Relations

Krista MacMillan became a team member of Element5 guest services in November 2019. A graduate of NBCCD Fredericton, Krista holds a certificate in visual arts and a diploma in photography. She also brings with her an over 10 year background in retail and customer service as a roadmap for providing the utmost positive experience to guests of Element5 Spa & Salon.


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